grain grinding agripak

The Agripak packer with a grinding mill is a machine developed and manufactured by the Agripak company. The machine allows simultaneous grinding, packing (into silo bags) and preservation of moist grain. The ground and packed grain is the highest quality concentrated feed.

The application of technologies of preparation of moist feeds in silo bags enables significant reduction of costs. The service consisting in granulation, packing and preserving a single ton of moist grain costs about 55 Polish zlotys. It is an amount that includes all the costs, that is, tractor and its fuel, silo bag, grinding, packing into the silo bag and handling by an operator. To this there should be added the cost of the chemical or biological preservative. A chemical preservative in the recommended dose of 3 litres per ton costs PLN 19/t while a biological ones costs PLN 3/t. The cost of drying one ton of maize ranges from 90 to 130 Polish zlotys, depending on the type of fuel used. Additionally in case of drying grain intended for feed there should be taken into account the necessity of granulating the grain, which creates further costs.

When comparing the costs of “dry” and “moist” feeding technology, a farm with about 500 porkers and packs 300 tons of moist maize can save up to 20 000 Polish zlotys.
The ground moist maize is a better and cheaper feed, characterized by high assimilation by animals. Its participation in the total nutritional dose may amount to 30-50 percent. The assimilation rate of feed prepared in such a way is higher in comparison to dry ground maize. The ground moist maize can also be applied when feeding pigs with dry feed. The amount of ground moist maize has to be adjusted in such a way that the moisture content of the final feed used does not cause clogging of pig feeding devices. Depending on the moisture content of the maize ground, its participation in the nutritional dose may amount up to 30 percent.

The moist grain is transported from the field to the machine and poured into the charging hopper by means of a loader or handling trailer. The grain falls from the hopper into the grinding mill where it becomes ground and then it is blown onto the screw, which compacts it in the silo bag. During compacting of the ground grain in the silo bag the preservative can be applied through the nozzles installed on the screw. The application of grinding mill using rams ensures grain fragmentation appropriate for feeding pigs. Packing it into the silo bag enables to maintain optimal anaerobic conditions, which is the condition required for proper storage of finished feed. The machine can be fitted with tunnel having the diameter of 1.5 m, 1.65 m or 2.4 m. The Gruber grinding mill has replaceable sieves, thanks to which we can align the machine so that it grinds the feeds to a very fine fraction for pigs and thicker for cattle.

We provide the services employing the packers with grinding mill, manufactured by our company, on the whole territory of Poland. The service can be carried out with the use of the landlord’s tractor or our own.