About us

The Agripak limited liability company and limited partnership deals in agricultural crops storage and ensiling in silo bags, as well as sales of modern farming machines, including mobile dryers, crushing mills, grinding mills, packers and silo presses.

We are the domestic leader in sales and rental of mobile dryers, sales of silo bags and a leading company in the field of silo bagging technology and introduction of modern services for the agricultural industry.

We are looking forward to cooperating with anyone related to agricultural industry for whom our machines would enable economic utilization of agricultural crops.

Owing to the fact that so many customers put their trust in us, our crushing mills and silo presses, as well as mobile dryers and packers, provide services throughout Poland.


We operate within the framework of a strong and stable group of companies operating in various industries. We encourage you to become familiar with affiliated projects:

www.rokicki.eu distribution of KWS corn seeds
www.smileanddrive.pl passenger car re-exporting
www.skladkamienia.com ale of machines for stone mining, sale of field stone, sale and rental of construction machines