Cargo Bagging

We are offering a new mobile method of ensiling the brewery stillage, sugar beet stillage and other materials, consisting in direct loading from the truck into the silo bag.

It is the most efficient method of loading the material into the silo bags, since it takes place directly from the truck to the silo bag. There is no need to unload the feed to the ground and then load it into the packer or a silage press. We are offering two types of trailer development with an adapter:
- a straight tunnel enabling unloading from the dump truck into the silo bag It is a very inexpensive adapter than can be used for ensiling of brewery silage in the silo bags. The adapter is installed on the rear plate of dump truck.

– hydraulic pressing adapter. This universal devices with two hydraulic motors, an electronic unit controlling the mobile floor of the trailer and screws pressing the material into the silo bag. The adapter installed on the transport trailer performs the role of a silage press and directly loads the silo bag with various types of materials, including, among others, brewery stillage, sugar beet stillage and chopped maize. The system operator adjust the force uses for loading the silo bag by means of a hydraulic unit controlling the mobile floor, car brakes and loading screws.

If you have any questions regarding the details and costs of adaptation of a vehicles by means of the development selected, please contact our commercial department.