For collaboration within the scope of products for ensiling and preserving grain we have chosen the world leaders in this field: Danstar Fermented and Brenntag Polska.

The Danstar Fermented company from Switzerland is the world leader in production and sale of high quality inoculants for silage. Its products are manufactured in a manufacturing plant in United Kingdom under strict quality supervision. All products contain high levels of bacteria that are able to carry out quick and efficient fermentation process, as well as several kinds of enzymes. This combination gives them recognition among customers.

We are offering two biological preparations:
– the first one is the well knows SIL-All WS 4×4, a product containing 4 various strains of bacteria and 4 enzymes, dedicated to application for all the plants cultivated in Poland: grasses, lucerne and corn.
– the second product is a novelty dedicated to ensiling the maize – Maize-All. This product contains two bacteria types and one enzyme – amylase. One of the types of bacteria included in Maize-All is propionbacterium acidipropionici, which produces the propionic acid. This acid is highly efficient against mould and yeast and therefore significantly increases protection against heating up.

The Brenntag Polska company is out partner within the scope of sale of chemical ensiling products. The services of Brenntag Polska provided for the feedstuff sector go far beyond the framework of the typical distribution activity. They encompass not only confectioning and distribution of standard feed additives, but also research and development works, implementation and production of specialist preparations and an large selection of both individual and wholesale packaging. Its products include functional additives, preservatives and other products intended for application in feed mixing plants, production of premixes and directly at farms.

We are offering two chemical preparations:
– NEUBASIL SOFT C Liquid is a preservative with a prolonged period of activity. It protects the plant material against the loss of nutrients, mycotoxin contamination and pathogenic bacteria.
– NEUBASIL SOFT M Liquid is a preservative with a prolonged period of activity. It protects thew silage against the loss of nutrients and mycotoxin contamination.