ensiling of green forage and chopped maize

The silage made of grasses and lucerne, as well as maize silage, is the main roughage for the dairy cattle. The period for harvesting silages is not too long so it is important for it to take place efficiently and with adherence to rules that will limit future losses and ensure the high quality of silage.

The most important factor in the silage preparation process is the appropriate ensiling process. In order for this process to take place correctly there have to be met three fundamental conditions: proper compacting of the ensilaged mass, ensuring anaerobic conditions during the lactic acid bacteria growth period and protecting the silage against the impact of atmospheric conditions during the whole year.

The application of the technology of packing the green forage into the silo bags makes it possible to meet all these conditions. The mass, chopped by the chopping unit, is packed by the silage press fitted with a rotor into the silo bag. The rotor that fills the silo bag, together with the brakes, causes very strong compaction of the ensilaged mass. During filling of the silo bag the whole air is pushed to the outside and after the filling is completed, the silo bag is sealed. The anaerobic conditions prevalent in the silo bag ensure fast and proper fermentation. The silo bag provides excellent protection of silage against precipitation water during the whole feed usage period. Since the silage in the silo bag is insulated from the ground, there does not exist the problem of the silage juices leaking into the soil. A significant problem in livestock farms that are adjacent to other buildings is the matter of unpleasant odours and the outflow of silage juices – the silo bags solve it completely.

The storage of silage in heaps and drive-through silos requires a great amount of labour and expenditures, as well as the use of various equipment for crushing, forming and securing. This always results in losses higher than in case of using silo bags. Moreover, the application of technology of packing the chopped material into the silo bags allows accumulation of a greater assortment of silages. In a single farm it is possible to create silo bags with chopped maize, grass and lucerne. Our Centerline De Luxe silage press can be used for packing any kind of chopped material that is prepared in advance by a chopping unit or a self-loading trailer with a cutting adapter. It can also be used to pack sugar beet stillage, whole or ground maize and brewery stillage.

We offer the chopped maize, grass and lucerne ensiling services with the use of Centerline De Luxe silage press on the whole territory of Poland. The machine is equipped with a central feeding table, enabling the machine to be loaded directly from technological trailers. From the table the chopped material is transported to the rotor that packs it into the silo bag. One silo bag having the diameter of 2.7 m and the length of 75 m can hold about 270 tons of chopped material.