grain storage

The silo bags enable storage of dry and moist grain. The dry grain is stored due to lack of warehousing infrastructure or insufficiency thereof. In case when a farm is equipped with a machine packing grain into silo bags and machine for unpacking the silo bags, or rents such machines, the silo bag technology can be an alternative to investment in a warehousing infrastructure.

There is a couple of reasons for packing moist maize into silo bags. First of all, the silo bag technology allows concentration of large amounts of moist maize during the harvest, when its price is usually the lowest. The factor that limits the purchasing or corn chopping rate is the efficiency of the dryer. Thanks to application of moist maize storage in a silo bag this factor can be eliminated, since the Agripak packer can store about 2500 tons of maize in 24 hours and an average-sized dryer can dry only 100 tons of maize a day. The technology of packing into silo bags enables storing a surplus of moist maize that can be dried during a few following months.

Thanks to the silo bags one can quickly finish the harvest at his own farm and at the same time carry out purchasing of moist maize in his area without the need of making additional investments in the warehousing infrastructure and a dryer.

The technology of packing moist maize into silo bags is applied also by the largest Polish companies manufacturing feedstuffs. The moist maize stored in silo bags is taken out in winter and dried on an ongoing basis and then used in the feed production process.

The moist maize stored in the silo bags is also used for producing bioethanol and in distilleries. For such enterprises the silo bags result first and foremost in savings thanks to lack of necessity to dry the maize. This makes it possible for them to purchase and store larger amounts of maize during the harvest, when the maize is the cheapest, similarly to the case of feedstuff companies.

We provide the maize packing and unpacking services on the whole territory of Poland. We have at our disposal about a dozen machines for packing maize into silo bags and unpacking it from them. We carry out these services on farms, in distilleries, feedstuff companies and bioethanol production plants. We are able to provide a comprehensive service with the use of a packing machine, a tractor, a loader and a machine for unpacking the silo bags.