agrimec dryer

Agrimec dryers for cereal grain and maize have been manufactured in Italy since 1968. The company offers a wide range of models having the capacity from 12 to 71 m3 and the performance from 35 to 350 tons a day.

The unique technological solutions allow the Agrimec dyers to be highly efficient and have low energy consumption at the same time.
The fireclay-lined oven ensures precise and efficient burning. The stainless steel sieves, when it comes to painted sieves, are resistant to abrasion and corrosion. All the dryers are fitted with robust undercarriage with height adjustment.


Standard equipment:

– oven chamber made of fireclay
– Riello burner
– thickened coils of the central screw
– silent axial fan
– power transmission shaft – 540 rpm
– electric generator powering the control cabinet
– gravitational system for cleaning the grain, with replaceable sieves
– robust transport undercarriage
– adjustment of the amount of grain released

– road lighting
– mixers preventing suspension of grain in the dryer
– quick and easy assembly and disassembly of the dryer for the purposes of work and transport

Additional equipment

– electric drive unit
– gas burner
– light contamination separator with a cyclone
– roof
– central lubrication


MODELSCapacity m3/t

Efficiency t/24h
wheat      maize
Power demand of tractor/electric motors
AS 60012 (9t)503560/23
AS 90015,8 (12t)804860/30
AS 100016,7 (13t)905270/30
AS 115020 (15t)1006080/31
AS 175032 (24t)14090100/42
AS 220044 (35t)200110120/60
AS 270053 (40t)270130120/70
AS 350071 (55t)315180130/90

* the dryer efficiencies are average values depending on grain moisture content and ambient temperature


When being dried, grain is in constant movement – it is poured through the central screw. The mix located in the bottom part of the drying chamber prevents suspension of grain. Thanks to that the grain heats up evenly and its temperature does not exceed 60°C. Low drying temperature ensures better quality of the material dried.

The oven in Agrimec dryers is made of steel lined with fireclay. In the combustion chamber there is maintained the fixed temperature of 1000°C, thanks to which the oil or gas combustion is very thorough.

The dome of the internal chamber is longer and wider than in other devices of this type. Thanks to that the grain drying surface is bigger. This solution reduced the duration of drying.

The burner flame is far from the grain dried, which eliminates the risk of the dried material catching fire.

In the Agrimec dryers the burner is positioned in front of the fan. Such setting provides certain advantages:
– the heated air is not pressed but sucked by the fan into the internal chamber,
– the heated air mixes with the outside air, thanks to which there is no risk that the grain will be dried using air that is too hot,
– easy and safe positioning of the burner during operation,
– thorough combustion, low fuel consumption.