renn unpacker

The machines for unloading grain from silo bags, manufactured by the Canadian Renn Mill Center company are used for unpacking dry cereal grain and maize from silo bags. These machines are intended for large farms employing the technology for storing dry grain in silo bags, as well as for service companies. The Renn Mill Center machines used for unloading grain from silo bags are intended for industrial use, characterized by robust structure, low power consumption, resistance to wear and easy handling.

There are available three types of these machines, differing in size and efficiency. The smallest model is intended for unloading of grain from silo bags having the diameters of 2.7 m and 3 m, while the two larger models are intended for silo bags having the diameters of 2.7 m, 3 m and 3.6 m. Depending on the model, the efficiency of machines amount to 4-6 tons per minute. All the models are fitted with cylinders winding up the silo bag during unloading. The machines are adjusted for unloading the grain from silo bags onto a truck. The loading of a 30-ton truck takes several minutes.

The grain is collected from the silo bag by means of transverse screw sweeping the grain from the bottom of the silo bag. Afterwards, it is fed onto the screw loading the grain onto the truck. During the grain unloading the machines cuts the silo bag in half in its upper part. The cut silo bag is wound up onto the cylinders, which, driven by the hydraulic motors, move the machine into the silo bag. After unloading the silo bag is wound up on the cylinders and it is ready for recycling in the form of a reel after removal.



Unloading screw diameter460 mm 355 mm 355 mm
Sweeping screw diameter280 mm 229 mm 229 mm
Unloading screw height426 cm 426 cm 444 cm
Transport height365 cm 365 cm 244 cm
Transport width267 cm 267 cm 292 cm
Weight3084 kg 2676 kg 2114 kg
Maximum efficiency360 tons/h 228 tons/h 240 tons/h
Minimum power demand100 KM 60 KM 60 KM