agripak grinding mill

The Agripak packer with a grinding mill is another machine developed and manufactured by the Agripak company. The machine allows simultaneous grinding, packing (into silo bags) and preservation of moist grain. The ground and packed grain is the highest quality concentrated feed.

The application of a Agripak packer with a grinding mill enables significant reduction in feed preparation costs while simultaneously increasing its assimilation by animals.

The Agripak packer with a grinding mill is a machine dedicated to small and average pig farmers, cattle farmers and poultry farmers, as well as service companies. The machine can be used for the whole year for grinding both the moist grain during harvest and the dry grain after harvest.
After disconnecting the grinding mill the machines becomes an Agripak packer that can be used to pack moist cereal grain, maize, sugar beet stillage, brewery stillage, fruit pomace, mineral fertilizers, post-fermentation sediments and salt into silo bags.


Standard equipment:

– Gruber grinding module
– cyclone
– 3 x 1.5 m charging hopper
– transport undercarriage for movement along public roads
– location for preservative dosing
– tunnel for a silo bag
– brakes for setting the pressing force

– indicator of pressure in the braking system
– lift for installation of silo bags
– shelf supporting a silo bag
– power transmission shaft
– inspection openings in the charging hopper

Additional equipment:

– silage applicator
– possibility of ordering a packer with a different tunnel (1.5 m, 2.40 m)


efficiency t/h 12-25*
power demandKMfrom 170-200*
efficiency t/h 200-300*
power demandKMfrom 60-80*

* the efficiency and power demand depend on the type of grinding mill and sieves used and on the grain moisture content


The application of technologies of preparation of moist feeds in silo bags enables significant reduction of costs.

The ground moist maize is a better and cheaper feed. The assimilation rate of feed prepared in such a way is higher in comparison to dry ground maize.

The moist grain is transported from the field to the machine and poured into the charging hopper by means of a loader or handling trailer. The grain falls from the hopper into the grinding mill where it becomes ground and then it is blown onto the screw, which compacts it in the silo bag. During compacting of the ground grain in the silo bag the preservative can be applied through the nozzles installed on the screw.

The application of grinding mill using blades or rams ensures grain fragmentation appropriate for feeding animals. Packing it into the silo bag enables to maintain optimal anaerobic conditions, which is the condition required for proper storage of finished feed.

The machine can be fitted with tunnel having the diameter of 1.5 m, 1.95 m or 2.4 m.

The grinding mill has replaceable sieves, thanks to which we can align the machine so that it grinds the feeds to a selected fraction for pigs, cattle or poultry.


– grinding, packing and preservation of moist grain at the same time
– the silo bag is a convenient means of storage enabling maintaining the highest quality of feed and using it for the whole year
– reduction of feeding cost while maintaining high quality of feed
– one machine can be used for grinding moist and dry grain, packing brewery stillage and sugar beet stillage, which makes it multifunctional
– the machine can be transported behind a tractor.