silage press

The Centerline De Luxe silage press is manufactured by the American Kelly Ryan Equipment company – a pioneer in the industry, which have been manufacturing machines for farming since 1945.

This machine is intended for large farms, distilleries and service companies. It is fitted with a 2.54 m long rotor and exchangeable tunnels.

By using the Centerline De Luxe silage press it is possible to pack into silo bags the moist cereal grain and maize, chopped grass, lucerne, corn, sugar beet stillage and brewery stillage. It is possible to pack from 170 to 450 tons of feed into the silo bags used for that press model. The machine is fitted with a central platform enabling collection of material from larger trailers employing rear unloading. The machine can be set in two positions: work position and transport position. The central placement of rotor enabled to design the tunnel in such a way as to make its floor inclined. Thanks to that, the machine’s tunnel always remains clean after filling a silo bag.


Standard equipment:

– 9’ (2.7 m) self-cleaning tunnel
– 100” (245 cm) rotor
– hydraulically driven and folded chain feeding table with smooth adjustment of speed, having the following dimensions: 3.6 m (length) x 3.05 (width) x 1.2 (height)
– PTO (power take-off) shaft
– Bondioli transmission, 1000 or 540 rpm
– hydraulic lifts for changing the machine setting from work position to transport position
– hydraulic line winding machine (75 metres of steel line)

– disc brakes with stainless steel discs for adjustment of pressing force
– extended tunnel
– lift for installation of silo bags
– wheels with tyres adjusted to operation on a soft ground
– independent hydraulics
– retaining steel grate

Additional equipment:

– exchangeable tunnel having the diameter of 8’, 10’ or 12 ‘ (2.4 m, 3m or 3.6 m)
– ensiling product applicator (optional)

Kelly Ryan silage press
power demandKM150-180*

* depending on the type of packed material and the tractor’s power


The introduction of technology of packing into the silo bags enables significant reduction of costs and increase in profitability of animal production. This technology enables preparation of feed having very good parameters and allows elimination of losses occurring when using traditional ensiling methods in prisms and drive-through silos.

All the models of the Kelly Ryan silage presses have a centrally placed rotor in the tunnel. It is a solution patented by that company, thanks to which the material is pushed into the silo bag in two directions, from the top and from the bottom. This enables better compaction and density of the material inside the silo bag. It also reduced the machine’s power demand and enables packing 15% more material into the silo bag. This solution enables obtaining better quality of ensilage and limiting losses.

The application technology of packing into silo bags is a modern and economic way of producing the highest quality feed, constituting an alternative to expensive investments in drive-through silos.