geringhoff grinding mill

A grinding mill with a silage press is a very efficient machines for grinding and ensiling of cereal grain and maize in silo bags. It has been created as a result of cooperation of two factories: the German Geringhoff company and Belgian Hyplast company – a worldwide leader in manufacturing of silo bags for ensiling feed. The Geringhoff company provides a guarantee of quality and reliability of the machine’s execution, while Hyplast provides its years of experience in storage in silo bags.

The grinding mill with a silage press is a machine used for crushing dry and moist grain. The machine enables grinding the grain down to the desired granulation level, which enables cheap utilization of the moist grain not only by the cattle farmers but also pig and poultry farmers.


Standard equipment:

– hydraulically driven dosing screw in the charging hopper, with adjustment of the feeding rate
– hydraulic brakes for setting the pressing force
– 385/55 R22.5 tyres
– power transmission shaft – 1000 rpm
– inspection openings in the charging hopper
– grinding mill using rams, CGM-S220
– set of road lights

– toolbox
– lighting enabling work after dusk

Additional equipment:

– replaceable tunnel having the diameter of: 1.5, 1.95 or 2.4 m
– silage applicator
– adapter enabling packing of chopped maize, brewery stillage, whole maize and sugar beet stillage


power demandKM200-350*

* depending on the grain type and moisture content and the tractor’s power


The machine consists of a grinding mill using rams, charging hopper, undercarriage and replaceable tunnel onto which the silo bag is installed. By adding or removing blades one can adjust the grain granulation degree. The amount of grain fed to the grinding mill is adjusted by means of the hydraulically driven screw located on the bottom of the charging hopper. The undercarriage enables transporting the machines along the public roads. The hydraulic brakes on the wheels are used to adjust the silo bag loading force. Depending on the needs the machine can be fitted with tunnels having the diameter from 1.5 m to 2.4 m and the capacity from 60 to 200 tons. The machine can be optionally fitted with an additional hopper with an adapter enabling packing of chopped maize, brewery stillage, whole maize and sugar beet stillage.