renn mill crushing mill

The Canadian Renn Mill company has been manufacturing crushing mills for dry and moist cereal grain and maize for 40 years. The Renn Mill crushing mills are used for crushing and storing grain in silo bags and are fitted with cylinders having the highest diameter among devices of this type. The larger diameter means larger surface area of collection of grain by the cylinders, which results in high efficiency of the machine. The precise granulation of grain is ensured by the differential of cylinders. The grain is both crushed and ground, which enables precise granulation of grain and allows it to be used also for feeding pigs.

The Agripak company provides services consisting in crushing and packing of grain. It also sells the machines manufactured by the Renn Mill company.

The Renn Mill crushing mills are machines intended for those who want to use them to provide services, as well as those who want to use them for their own needs.


Standard equipment:

1.95 m diameter tunnel for silo bags having the capacity from 110 to 140 tons of grain
– hydraulically adjusted disc brakes for adjusting the silo bag loading force
– differential of cylinders
– hardened cylinders
– safety measure protecting the shafts against rocks
– wide tyres with transverse antislip tread
– power transmission shaft – 1000 rpm
– adjustment of the amount of grain fed onto the cylinders

– tiltable charging hopper enabling easy access to cylinders
– inspection openings in the charging hopper
– adjusted cylinder cleaning slats
– precise mechanism for setting the distance between cylinders
– life for placing the preservative barrel on the platform
– knob for adjusting the distance between cylinders in order to obtain the desired granulation degree

Additional equipment:

– possibility of installing a crushing machine with a 5 ft (1.5 m) tunnel
– silage applicator
– adapter for packing stillage, grain and pomace


Crushing mill with silage press
power demandKM110-130*

* depending on the grain moisture content and degree of granulation


The introduction of technology of packing into the silo bags enables significant reduction of costs and increase in profitability of animal production. The application of a crushing mill with silage press eliminates the drying costs which provides large savings. The cost of crushing and ensiling a ton of maize in a silo bag amounts to 1/3 of the cost of drying service. The farmer saves time and money and obtains granulated feed that is ready for the purpose of feeding without any need for additional granulation.

The crushed maize is the cheapest way of providing pure energy within the scope of cattle feeding, which translates directly onto the increase in milk production of cows.

The feed obtained in this manner contains more water-soluble sugars and is more easily digestible. The grain granulation degree may be adjusted depending on the intended use (for cattle, pigs and poultry as well).

The application technology of packing into silo bags is a modern and economic way of producing the highest quality complete feed. It is a solution for rainy harvest and collecting very moist and overgrown cereals. By harvesting the cereals earlier we reduce the losses occurring as a result of escaping grain and obtain more dry mass from the crop.