mecmar dryer

Mecmar Group is one of the largest manufacturers of mobile driers for cereal grains and maize in the world. It has been manufacturing machines for over 30 years. Its manufacturing plant is located in the North-eastern Italy, in the Verona province, and has 15 000 m² of manufacturing and storage buildings, which include the design, steel treatment and assembly departments, a paint shop and a warehouse for machine elements.

In order to ensure the highest quality, high efficiency and durability of the dryer, a constant quality control takes place at all stages of manufacturing, starting from designing and ending at loading the finished product for transport.

The dryers are manufactured in series from the previously prepared finished elements, which allows us to offer short execution deadlines. In case of deliveries of dryers made from the Agripak warehouse, the delivery may be immediate.

In the offer of the Mecmar company there are available models having the capacity from 10 to 102 m³ and the daily performance for maize in the range from 28 to 230 tons a day. The dryers can be equipped with oil burners of the Riello company or gas burners with an integrated vaporizer. All the models with the oil burner may be fitted with a complete heat exchanger.


Standard equipment:

– Riello burner
– thickened coils of the central screw
– silent axial fan
– power transmission shaft – 540 rpm
– electric generator powering the control cabinet
– gravitational system for cleaning the grain, with replaceable sieves
– robust transport undercarriage
– adjustment of the amount of grain released
– mixers preventing suspension of grain in the dryer

– quick and easy assembly and disassembly of the dryer for the purposes of work and transport
– sieves made of INOX steel
– central lubrication

Additional equipment:

– rotation sensor
– electric drive unit
– gas burner
– light contamination separator with a cyclone
– roof


MODELSCapacity m3/t

Efficiency t/24h
wheat      maize
Power demand of tractor/electric motors
CPT 7/61F10/7.5402830/22
STR 9/87F12/9503550/30
FSN 12/110/F16/12804850/30
FSN 15/138/T20/151006065/30
D 20/147/T227/19.51157575/45
SSI 25/203/T233/241409090/55
S 34/255/T42,5/30190110100/75
S 43/340/T258/42270130120/75
S 55/420/F74/53.5300170160/100
F 75/570102/75350230175/120

* the dryer efficiencies are average values depending on grain moisture content and ambient temperature


Mecmar invests in research and technological development of its products in order to meet the expectations of its customers. It is a company that cares for details and quality of the devices that it manufactures. The dryers are built from highest quality materials and are characterized by robust structure. All the sieves of both the internal and external chamber, as well as the sheet metal located inside the heating unit, are made of Inox steel.

Currently, the products of Mecmar establish quality standards among manufacturers of mobile dryers in Europe and all over the world. The dryers of Mecmar are easy to handle, environmentally friendly and meet the highest safety standards.

The dryers operate at low noise level. All the levers and clutches are located in a single place. Setting the dryer up from the transport position to working position, or the other way round, can be carried out by a single persons using cranks with transmission gears. The dryers are normally equipped with a central lubrication port.

The loss of heat by the combustion chamber is little, the external cladding of the oven is cold and the whole heat is used for drying.
All the dryer elements operating in a humid environment are galvanized or made of Inox steel.

The moving parts of dryers are covered and in case of the fan stopping the burner is automatically deactivated. The dryer cabinet is fitted with an emergency circuit breaker.

The Mecmar dryer may be connected to heating units using solid fuels, coal, straw or pellet.